Deborah Wallis


Growing up an Air Force brat meant frequent moves and the opportunity for Deborah Wallis to live in several states, quite literally, from coast to coast.  California to Maryland with several states in between were all home for her at one time. Overseas tours in Japan and Belgium highlighted her travels and made her high-school experience especially memorable.  Deborah graduated from SHAPE American High School near Mons, Belgium. 

     As a Marine wife, she added to her travel résumé until she landed in eastern North Carolina.  It felt like home from the start, so she stayed.  Deborah raised her children and built a career as a real estate broker in Havelock, where she lived for many years.

     Then, in 1994, she and her husband, retired Marine Colonel E.P. Wallis, moved to Wilmington, NC. Between them, they raised six children and now have eight grandchildren and step-grandchildren.  When she’s not on the road to visit the grandchildren (and the kids, of course), Deborah enjoys tennis, reading, target shooting with her husband and junking.

     Deborah began her writing career with a monthly humor column in the Good Life newspaper in 2006.  She is the author of two mystery novels, Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines: Murder at Cherry Point, Child’s Play, and Letting Go.  Her diverse experiences personally and professionally help her create and color her plots.