Hitler's Judas

by Tom Lewis

Fiction: Historical 

Book II in the Pea Island Gold Trilogy


In Hitler's Judas, Lewis introduces protagonist Martin Bormann, who is possibly the closest man to Adolf Hitler. He knows Hitler's insane decision to invade Russia will destroy the Fatherland. Already in a position of enormous power, Bormann forms an intricate plan of escape, however, he has no intentions of escaping as a pauper.

When the right moment comes, Bormann leaves the doomed Third Reich forever, taking with him fifty million dollars in stolen Nazi gold. His surprising destination is Pea Island, a lonely strip of sand north of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Will his plan succeed?

Hitler's Judas is populated with exquisite, compelling, and memorable characters who will stay with readers long after the final page is turned:

  • Horst Von Hellenbach, Germany's celebrated U-Boat captain who is conflicted between his detestation for the Nazi regime and his duty to the military
  • Elisabeth Kroll, an impressionable woman unable to choose between Horst or his Nazi-fanatic twin brother, Harold
  • Edda Winter, Bormann's actress mistress who hopes Bormann will be her ticket to Hollywood
  • Klaus Berger, Germany's most famous thespian, whose very life depends on how well he plays his most difficult role
  • Sunday Everette, a stunning young black woman who stands in the way of Bormann and his goal

Resplendent with historical detail, Hitler's Judas is an intricate, moving and extraordinary tale of intrigue, murder, romance and betrayal.

This is the second book of the trilogy Pea Island Gold, of which Sunday's Child was the first.