Historic Images of Havelock & Cherry Point

 by Edward Barnes Ellis

 Non Fiction: Historical


Classic historical photographs, most seen here for the very first time, unveil the community heritage of Havelock and Cherry Point. This unique collection of local images includes:

  • The way of life before the coming of the U.S. Marines,

  • A never-before-published pioneer family portrait album,

  • Incredible views of old Havelock and the original Cherry Point,

  • Construction and early days of the Marine Corps Air Station,

  • The men, women and aircraft of World War II and beyond,

  • The founding and growth of the City of Havelock,

  • Portraits of war-hero Major-General Sir Henry Havelock,

  • Old homes, early businesses and moonshine stills,

  • Vintage boats, trains, planes, automobiles and more.


All vividly chronicled in detail by Havelock's historian.



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