McBryde Publishing is a writers' cooperative in search of the Best Writers in the South



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So what makes us different?


· We are an authors' cooperative. With us, if accepted for membership, you are self-publishing, but you won't look like it.


· You have final approval of everything concerning the production of your book: cover design, layout, content, price, number of copies to be printed, and marketing. You may do everything yourself, hire someone to do it, or hire us to do it, but the finished product must meet our standards and approval.  Our goal is to make your book look as though it was published by one of the major houses.  And, of course, you pay all the expenses. It's self-publishing with an end product you can be proud of.


Traditional publishing houses are seeking new works from authors that already have a following and, usually, are represented by agents. A simple search reveals that most traditional houses are not requesting unsolicited submissions. 

Vanity presses will publish any book they get paid to publish, but primarily only offer basic cover design and limited editing. Some offer none. 

For publication by McBryde Publishing, an author must first be a member of the co-op, which they become by having a manuscript accepted and be willing to work with us in perfecting their works, if needed.

How do you become a member?

1.       Submit a minimum of the first 5 chapters to us.

2.       We either accept it or reject it, and usually provide a critique to help you bring it up to a standard we can accept.  

3.       What we have available:

·         Editing (substantive and line)

·         A unique McBryde Publishing ISBN that is registered to each book we publish and each version of that book (eBook, Hardback, Paperback, Audio, etc.) requires its own ISBN.

·         Cover Design 

·         Layout of the book 

·         Getting your works printed

·         Distribution of Hardbacks, Paperbacks, and eBooks 

·         Limited marketing through our website and social media

4.       What you do (after finalizing your draft):

·         Sign a contract awarding us the right to publish and distribute your work

·         Cover your expenses 

·         Be of help to others in the co-op. 

Any questions? Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

McBryde Publishing is a subsidiary of Benners Studio, Inc.