McBryde Publishing is a writers' cooperative in search of the Best Writers in the South



So what makes us different?


· We are an authors' cooperative. With us, you are self-publishing, but you won't look like it.


· You’re in charge of everything concerning the printing and layout of your book: cover design, layout, content, price, number of copies printed, and marketing. But it has to meet our standards. You can do parts of it yourself, hire someone to do it, or hire us to do it.  Our goal is to make your book look like it was published by one of the major houses.  And, of course, you pay all the expenses. It's self-publishing with an end product you can be proud of.


Here’s the deal.  Traditional publishing houses usually publish authors that already have books out and a following, or buy the rights of books represented by agents. A simple search reveals that many traditional companies are not currently requesting any submissions. Lame, right?

Vanity presses simply charge to publish your book. And they publish any book that they get paid to publish. Most only offer basic cover design and limited editing. Some offer none. We may seem like a vanity, but that is only on the surface.

We are a cooperative. Different co-ops operate in different ways.  Unlike vanities, we do NOT publish anybody just because they are willing to pay us.  You must first be a member of the co-op.  This is not like a gym; you do not get membership simply by paying a monthly fee.  You get membership by having a manuscript we have accepted to publish and proving yourself to be a writer who’s willing to work with us in perfecting your story.

Here’s the process to being a member with McBryde.

1.       Submit your work to us

2.       We either accept it or reject it

3.       What we offer:

·         Editing (substantive and line)

·         Supply a unique McBryde Publishing ISBN that only belongs on your book. There will be a different ISBN on the different ways you choose to have your books available. (eBook, Hardback, Paperback, Audio, etc.)

·         Create a cover, if needed (with your input and approval)

·         Layout the book and format text

·         Organize printing

·         Distribute hardcopies, paperbacks, and eBook copies

·         Help you market through our website and social media

4.       What you do (after finalizing your draft):

·         Sign contract

·         Pay for the number of copies you want printed

·         Control how you want to market your book

·         Help other authors in the co-op with anything of which you are capable. This can be in marketing, cover design, editing, etc.

To get off subject, I feel as though I should introduce you to the people in charge of McBryde Publishing. I mean, why should you trust us if you don’t know anything about us.

I’ll start with the guys who founded McBryde. Skip Crayton was looking for a way to publish a collection of articles he had written for the local paper. His late wife suggested creating his own publishing company (fun fact: “McBryde” was her maiden name). So, he did with the help of his friend, Bill Benners.* 

Bill is the creative genius in our group.  Aside from writing a successful novel, he creates gorgeous posters, films, and book covers.  Our members work with Bill to create their book covers.*

That’s us in a big nutshell. Any questions? Email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.I didn’t tell you the titles. Skip’s books are Remember WhenLife After Deathand The Letter SweaterBill’s is My Sister's Keeper, which has sold more than 500,000 copies.  McBryde Publishing is now a subsidiary of Benners Studio, Inc.