Child's Play

by Deborah Wallis

Fiction: Mystery 


Eight-year-old Garrett Morrow disappears from a class field trip in New Bern, North Carolina. Within days, his body is found, and seven-year-old Tyler Sullivan vanishes from Beaufort, South Carolina.

Journalist Abby Weaver is at first puzzled by the striking resemblance between the two boys. When she realizes that both boys could be carbon copies of her son, Chris, Abby’s world is rocked right down to its core.

Is this merely coincidence or could Chris be next?

In a race against time, Abby’s frantic search for the missing child leads her to piece together clues that point to a monster in their midst. The evil she uncovers threatens to destroy her family and even the community she loves.

Every parent’s nightmare comes to life in this terrifyingly real follow-up to Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines.



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