Sunday's Child

 by Tom Lewis

Fiction: Historical 

Book I in the Pea Island Gold Trilogy

Sunday Everette has a childhood unlike any other in the Jim Crow era of the South, growing up at the Pea Island Life-Saving Station among the barren dunes of North Carolina's stormy Outer Banks.

In sheltered isolation, guided solely by the influence of the station's heroic all-black crewmen, she blossoms into a strong and beautiful young woman with a spirit to match. But Sunday's secluded paradise cannot last. Her calm, simple days by the sea must inevitably give way to the fast-approaching storms of life. Unexpectedly, those darkening skies bring with them an unlikely mix of forbidden love, murder, and revenge along with a Nazi submarine carrying millions of dollars in gold stolen from Hitler's Third Reich.

First in a trilogy, Sunday's Child begins the saga of three unique families from across the world, flung fatally together by three of humanity's most basic traits: war, love, and greed.