My King the President

 by Tom Lewis

 Fiction: Suspense Mystery


Investigative journalist Jeb Willard learns that his old college friend, a Secret Service agent, fatally shot the controversial president of the United States and then killed himself.

Devastated, Jeb attends his friend's funeral where a priest approaches him and gives Jeb a note from his dead friend hinting of treason within the highest levels of the government.

Uncertain what he should do, Jeb returns home to North Carolina to consult with Cal, his father and witty small town newspaper owner/editor. Cal advises Jeb to not get involved, at least not until more information is learned by the FBI and government investigators. Jeb follows his father's advice, but is eventually forced into action as the new president, Helene Fordham, calls him to Washington for a personal meeting.

Jeb cannot refuse the persuasive first female president or her close friend -- his former editor -- and reluctantly agrees to begin his own investigation. It isn't long before Jeb, Cal, and Liz McCarty, the beautiful sister of the murderer, are running from the chief suspect, former Chief Justice Ezekial Koonce, as well as the FBI, police, a professional hit man, the Mafia, and even the U.S. Army.

Stubbornly digging out facts of the conspiracy while barely keeping himself and his friends alive, Jeb manages to stay half a step ahead of all those in pursuit. With Cal's assistance, Jeb peels off layer after layer of the astonishing plot, which races through exciting and surprising turns of events, culminating in an amazing, highly explosive climax you won't believe!