McBryde Publishing's newest release "Whispers of the Long Departed: Untold History of Southern Craven County, N.C." has won the top annual award from the North Carolina Society of Historians.

Selected from among more than 30 entries by authors and historians statewide, "Whispers" received the prestigious NCSH President's Award.

The book chronicles the story of southern Craven County from the early 1700s to World War II. The North Carolina Society of Historians was founded in 1941 to collect and preserve North Carolina history, traditions, artifacts, genealogy, and folklore.



Whispers of the Long Departed  by Edward Barnes Ellis Jr.  

Untold History of Southern Craven County, N.C.



Secrets of our past … declassified. Herein the reader will find the carefully documented and previously undisclosed story of southern Craven County, dating from before the founding of New Bern through the 1940s. And, told for the first time, how the thriving biracial society on the Neuse River’s south shore was radically transformed by both the Civil War and the arrival of Cherry Point Marine Corps Air Station.