Remember When

 by Skip Crayton

Non Fiction: Memoir


Skip Crayton’s reflections in the Sun Journal and the Trent Woods Times are part of what makes it so special to live, work or just enjoy being a part of the New Bern, North Carolina community.

His columns capture the spirit of a great small town on the coast of North Carolina – young boys' water skiing on the Trent River, dreaming and scheming on Crump’s Pond, relaxing on a lazy day just enjoying the Carolina blue sky and dreaming about the future.

We all remember when we’re young – the sky is the limit. Every dream can become a reality.

Skip’s collection of essays brings New Bern of the '50s and '60s to life in a way that you’ll want to share and take turns reading out loud to friends and family.

It is, as he describes it, "a very special place…a product of many things, foremost a willingness to accept and welcome those from other places, people who’ve fallen in love…with our wonderful community."

He writes his columns with a deep love of family and all the little things that make living in New Bern special, like so many small towns all across the country.



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