by Tom Lewis

Fiction: Historical


Louise is only fourteen when she is sold with her mother into slavery by her own father, the governor general of Guadeloupe. She expects life to be a total misery: She is forced to watch her mother get murdered onboard a ship. Then Charles Dunwood, a stern, ambitious, but fair-minded North Carolina plantation owner, purchases her by as a birthday present for his spoiled and bigoted wife, Ella. On top of that, there is their arrogant son and heir, Edward.

Strong, aloof blacksmith Abraham avenges his wife's murder and is forced to run. 

David, lame and shy, but handsome and intelligent, is a young groom who worships Louise.

Samson, David's giant half brother, is kind and fiercely protective of those he loves. He is the loyal and faithful overseer for his master so long as his people are treated well.

Will Louise, Abraham, and David find the freedom they desperately seek?

Agnes and Penelope are highly educated daughters of a wealthy Philadelphia family. Agnes, now married to a young minister assigned to a southern church, carries on a close correspondence with Penelope, who is a teacher and ardent abolitionist.

Fiery shipping merchant Thaddeus Harding is a wealthy man. His life, however, may change by a single slave.

This is their story.