Letting Go

 by Deborah Wallis


Set in Wilmington, NC , Letting Go is the story of three generations of deeply flawed, incredibly strong women who remain connected in life and death by blood, love and healing.

Alexandra Crenshaw stumbles across a treasure trove of her mother’s old letters written to CiCi Dolan, Alex’s grandmother who died almost four decades earlier. Every year on Mother’s Day and CiCi’s birthday, Livvy Montgomery shares her joys, sorrows, successes and failures with the mother she never stopped missing.

Laden with family history and secrets, the letters heal some of Alex’s old wounds while opening brand new ones. With time running out, both women must struggle with the truth. 

“Wallis gives us an intimate look into the lives of three generations of North Carolina women,” Jason Frye, founder of Teakettle Junction Productions, reviews. “Through the joy and loss of a lifetime, we learn what it means to hold on to life and what it’s like to let it go.”

“I was in my twenties when my mother died,” says author Deborah Wallis. “I don’t think anyone is ever prepared for the death of a parent, but when that loss comes before you are even a fully functioning adult yourself, it leaves a huge void.”

Wallis used the emotion left in the wake of that void in her new book, Letting Go. “I wanted to explore and honor that crucial relationship between mothers and daughters,” she explains.

Deborah Wallis is also the author of Sweet Dreams and Flying Machines and Child’s Play. She lives in Wilmington, NC.



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