I want to make it clear that these ten are not in any particular order.  Furthermore, there are plenty of great writing sites; these are just ten of them.

1. Grammar Girl

Mignon Fogarty is a best-selling author, popular podcaster, and an all-around fun grammar teacher to the world. Her site is full of easy-to-remember tips and explanations on writing rules (like what's the difference between i.e. and e.g.), fascinating information about English grammar history (the true meaning of "X-mas"), and other great pieces of information (want to know what the best cheap pens are?). You won't be sorry you visited this site.



2. Aliventures

Okay, so Ali Luke, the creator of this blog (and business) is on a blogging break because her baby is due any day now (Congrats!). Until she is able to write more, there are still plenty of articles you can explore.  Ali even gave here readers a list of her most popular posts.  This site is for writers, accomplished and brand new. She has loads of helpful writing advice, four eBooks available for purchase, and a FREE eCourse. Her posts, including the one about how readers choose books, are fantastic and informative.

3. Daily Writing Tips

This is pretty darn straight forward.  Daily Writing Tips covers just about everything related to writing.  Here are just a few categories they have: Word of the Day, Punctuation, Style, Expressions.  Want some help with writing a film review?  DWT covers it in Freelance Writing. Seriously, check this site out.

4. Moody Writing

Luckily for me, WB has its mission statement at the top of the page. Here's what the writers have to say about the blog: "Shining a bright light into the dark corners of the shadow-world of literary scams, schemes, and pitfalls. Also providing advice for writers, industry news and commentary, and a focus on the weird and wacky things that happen at the fringes of the publishing world."

They are true to their word. You're gonna want to read their posts to recognize if you're getting snookered.

7. Writers Helping Writers

Here is another fantastic site that teaches fiction writing. The posts are in depth and brilliantly informative.  This is the place to visit when you want to hone your craft.

8. The Write Practice

What I like about this blog is that it has loads of inspiring posts to help you, the writer, want to write.  What I love about this blog is that it has writing prompts! Go get your creativity on!

9. Goins Writer

Ever felt like you needed a cherub guiding you in your writing endeavors?  You get one, complete with cherubic face, in Jeff Goins. He acts as coach (how to set yourself up for success), mentor (how to get your audience), and challenger (read about the 31-day writing challenge here). Plus, he has a podcast! Also, be sure to check out his resources page.  Goins covers everything from blogging how-tos to marketing to courses. I highly recommend.

10. Clear Writing with Mr. Clarity

Okay, first, I love this blog's name. It's fun to say. Second, Mr. Clarity's goal of making writers compose works with clear meaning is a noble one.  Readers like clear language because it makes the author's meaning obvious. You really don't want your readers to be enjoying your book but then stumble on a sentence and then spend several minutes deciding what you meant. It slows the reading down and makes the reader question your writing skills.

Mr. Clarity (Joe Roy) uses real writing and shows you what makes them clear or unclear.  If unclear, he shows you how to fix it.


Eryn Kawecki

Managing Editor